About Us


Founded by CEO Tolga Hizir Oglu in 2008 to distribute Hygenic Shoe Cover Machines in Turkey.  Mr. Hidiroglu's father was a lead engineer at Boing in Washington, USA and taught his son to never expect anything short of the best when it comes to quality engineering.  

In 2013, TMATIC decided that it had enough with imported and badly serviced Machines that breakdown within a few months. Then Mr. Tolga teamed up with Renaissance Master Engineer Zeinel Levent who also was a master engineer at a major Aircraft manufacturer in the USA to create innovative fully automated factories producing from A-Z high quality Shoe Cover Machines along with matching quality shoe covers, starting from the creating the PE film to the shoe covers to the cartridges to the Machine, 

Because we are producing everything in Turkey under one umbrella, we were able to adjust and fine tune every process to insure high quality and the most success rate of work from first time shoe cover machine in the world at 97%.


"I am a perfectionist, and teamed up with like-minded engineers to produce the best quality Machine and shoe covers. I am so confident in the quality of our machine that I give a lifetime limited warranty, so if anything breaks from normal usage, I am willing to replace for free for as long as you own the Machine.I also believe in innovation and in protecting your investment in our products, and will give you with every machine purchase, the unprecedented offer of free upgrade to a newer version when it is made available.

Here in Turkey, we take pride in producing high quality products as a nation, and especially at TMATIC, our team strives to be amongst the leaders in providing high quality products.

Turkey not only has the highest number of tea drinkers in the world, but also they are probably the most hygienic and highest per-capital users of shoe covers in the world. Customer demand often dictate the need for quality products, and just as people around the world expect that Belgium and Switzerland to produce the best chocolate in the world, we believe that they should expect Turkey to produce the best shoe covers and automated shoe cover machines in the world!"


  • To continue the leadership in the sector in all aspects,
  • To follow up the technological developments and to provide service to our customers based on the developing technology
  • By continuous training, to provide our employees to be aware that they are a part of a leading organization and to provide the best service for our customers,
  • To provide the participation of the employees at each level in the service and the management and this way, to provide an environment in which they shall be happy,
  • To raise consciousness of our employees for a better environment, to provide that the materials we use are not harmful for the environment (recyclable),
  • To convert the increase in service quality into a potential increase,
  • To develop work processes in order to increase the customer satisfaction and loyalty,
  • To perform our work as fault-free in the first time.

We undertake that we shall achieve our targets by;

  • Continuously developing the efficiency of the Quality Management System and
  • By complying with the expectations and requests of our customers,
  • The legal conditions relevant to the service we provide (Such as Turkish Code of Commerce, Highway Traffic Law, Legislation of Environment),
  • The requirements of Quality Management System.

TMATIC LTD. The Policy for Handling the Complaints

it is our target to provide service above the expectations of our customers. We are attentive to handle the demands relevant to our service in a way to satisfy our customers. For this purpose;

We rapidly handle the customer demands received from all communication channels in compliance with the regulations and our company rules.

We attach importance to the protection of personal information, we evaluate the demands fairly and neutrally, we provide clear and net information to the customers relevant to each stage.

We make our customers feel that we approach as solution-oriented, that we handle the demands with due care and attention and that we care for our customers.

We consider the feedback from our customers as very valuable opportunities and we perform the required improvements in our business processes.


To offer high quality and customer-oriented services with our qualified staff and by using the ever developing technology to provide value and create difference for our stakeholders and to transfer our leadership in the sector to the international market.


To perform the work correctly and non-faultily in the first time with its modern, fast and quality service concept, to sustain our leadership in the sector and become an ideal company in Turkey by acting in compliance with the laws, commercial and social ethics.


We apply new revision for shoes cover dispensers, We aply new 7 cm cover under the dispencers and at least 8 cm high heeled shoes can use our dispenser an shoes covers. 2014

We aplied new revison, we start to use new magbetic swiches instead of mechanic swiches. 2014

New revision about molds, 5 molds changed for new magnetic swich desing. 2014

New revison for the shoes cover dispencer, we change old mold, now our dispencer can open shoes covers better than before.2014  

New aparat desing for opening shoes cover, Part name is spoon.2014

We bought new film blowing machine for PE film production.. 2014

We start new test production.2015

We start new mass production. We start to produce new red film, white film, green film and pink film and blue film production.

We stated new red shoes cover production. 2015

We start new green shoes cover production. 2015

we start new white shoes cover production.2015

we start to biyoresorbable shoes cover production. 2015

New revision about led lighting, We add new led driver for dispencer, now light efficiency and life more

than 7 year.2015

We add new handle bar for dispencers.2015

New revision for dispencer, new sensors added on shoes cover opening area, now dispencer working better. 2015


We as TMATIC LTD pay attention and take measures to secure your special information. We inform you to Phishing  and other kinds of

We would like to inform you of the use of the phishing * or other methods because the malicious person/people may use our company’s name. You don’t have to pay attention these kinds of methods.

Phishing is an e-mail fraud method in which the perpetrator sends out legitimate-looking email in an attempt to gather personal and financial information from recipients. Typically, the messages appear to come from well-known and trustworthy Web sites.